My New Life Begins in Grand Rapids

As the second-best place in the country to start a business, Grand Rapids is a city that’s always tweaked my entrepreneurial side. I love the opportunity to evolve in the community and, of course, need a place to do that where I know I can succeed. I visited Grand Rapids to attend a seminar discussing the benefits of opening a business in the city and am planning a grand opening in the downtown area in the very near future. The Chamber of Commerce was an amazing resource and a big factor in my decision to relocate to and open a business in Grand Rapids. There are many incentives and tools that make it easier to take the risk that any entrepreneur faces.


Held at the Amway Grand Plaza, this meeting offered such great insight into business life in the city and provided tips to get started, information about neighborhoods, and so much more. Just walking through this fine establishment created that yearning desire to do such great things for myself. The hotel is pristine in every way and happens to be one of the areas most popular lodging facilities. The planning stages are underway and soon, Grand Rapids will be my home, the place that my life and new ventures begin.


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